At Ecunumia 2030, Corsica’s Executive Council will provide entrepreneurs with a floor to look back on the island’s economy tomorrow.

Until April 25th, a large public consultation “Ecunumia 2030” will be held by the Economic Development Board (Adec) of Corsica. Alexandre Vinciguerra, President of Adec, answers questions from France 3 Corse Via Stella.

Predict the Corsica economy in the long run. This is the purpose of public consultation. “Ecumia Launched by the Economic Development Board of Corsica in 2030 ((((Adec). After March 21st.

Its goal: Gather lessons as closely as possible from stakeholders in the field and enable true co-building of public policy in terms of economic development. Therefore, in the last few weeks, nine thematic seminars have been held on the following issues: Innovation; Land and economy real estate and support for the local economy. Economic activity within the territory; Cooperation, influence, charm. Social and solidarity economy, integration and employment; lingua è Culture ; Business loan; Productive ecosystem.

The first phase of this exercise is nearing the end, Alexandre Vinci Gera,presidentAdecAnswering questions from France 3 Corsica ViaStella..

What is the current state of Corsica’s economy?

Alexander Vinci Gera: You can have a very paradoxical vision of Corsica’s economy. It is very interesting to see the number of reservations, seasonality, and the economic recovery related to seasonality. But the economy is sometimes very worried. When looking at the social side. Corsica has the lowest wages in France and the highest living expenses in France. That is a real concern. Or if you see a discrepancy between your company’s needs and the available employees that may cover these staffing needs. In stark contrast, it’s Corsica.

What is the purpose of this public consultation?

Alexander Vinci Gera : Attempt to collaborate with a contractor. Instead of projecting Corsica in the 2030s with a plan created by a consulting firm, we did the exact opposite. So we took the hard part of listening to entrepreneurs and what they had to say to us and how they were looking at the future … Therefore, we held about 10 seminars, mobilized more than 400 people, and not only created observation results, but also imagined a solution from a very practical point of view. This is not yet another development strategy. It’s a way plan that we should be able to do more efficiently and more with our company’s services.

Why did you choose to interact with such an entrepreneur?

Alexander Vinci Gera : I think that’s part of the current enforcement council method. That is, consultation, co-building, exchange, listening. In many cases, it’s much smarter to think together than to think alone in the office on the 5th floor.Adec.. I have great confidence in entrepreneurs. They are building their future and we are serving them. You don’t have to tell us how to develop. We must listen to them and support them.

What are entrepreneurial observations?

Alexander Vinci Gera: Entrepreneurs tell us that mobilizing public aid is very difficult, mobilizing funds is very difficult, collective sector action is very difficult, and there is no community development action. I am. The idea is to find a solution to all these problems. A simple, shared and visible solution that allows each entrepreneur to find a solution that suits their needs as they are in the process of being created, under development, or in transit.

Is there a new solution?

Alex Vinci Gera : of course. For example, when it comes to financing, the use of financial tools is increasing. Entrepreneurs usually prefer prepayments to grants that come two years after the project. They also prefer to group to have common issues such as training, business real estate, exports and energy. Therefore, there is definitely a solution that revolves around project requests rather than funding administrative subsidies. I would like to adjust management hours and business hours. They are not the same. They need to get closer. That is, it promotes, groups, takes sector action, and takes territorial action. Corsica’s economy is not limited to Ajaccio, Bastia and Porto-Vecchio, so you need to be very present in the territory. It is the entire territory, and the territory has a lot of wealth.

What is the next step?

Alex Vinci Gera : Four territorial conferences will be held, starting on Wednesday. They will be held at Francardo, FigariVico and TheLil Russu.. Next is a summary meeting with the Steering Committee, which brings together both politicians and entrepreneurs. In addition, thematic seminars were very often led by politicians, including officials elected from the Corsica community, which is part of a non-majority group. It allows you to have a broader view of the problem. After that, there was a passage in front of the Corsica Island Parliament, Secek (Corsica’s Economic, Social, Environmental and Cultural Council). Once that’s all done, we’re looking forward to verification from the state, as there will be no development without public or private funding. And we absolutely need to work together to mobilize current programs such as: Fedder (European Regional Development Fund) or regional programs or programs contracted with the state: State-Regional Planning Contract, PTIC (Corsica Transformation and Investment Plans), Future Investment Plans, and We Map of France Resume finding Corsica and trying to adapt.