Assurly: Debtor insurance that saves you money

VSConvinced that this amendment would be the starting point for a new market, Toufik Gozim and Mickael Benhassen created Assurly, a borrower’s insurance with cutting-edge technology. And with the Remoin Act, which came into force in June 2022 and aimed at further simplifying access to borrower insurance, they had a good nose.

Restore customer purchasing power

Borrower insurance represents an important part of the cost of bank loans, especially mortgages. The sector also has annual sales of € 10 billion, 90% of which are owned by bank insurance companies. In this context, Assurly’s hope is to reduce the amount of premiums by 50% while allowing everyone to be insured at a fairer rate.

The bet is up. Today, Assurly enables customers to benefit from more effective coverage than traditional contracts, while at the same time achieving significant savings. Assurly’s latest record: Customers have saved € 48,000 by changing the borrower’s insurance! What really regains control of purchasing power?

Simplify your subscription as much as possible

At Assurly, you don’t have to worry about paperwork. This growing team of start-ups has developed a fluid experience. This allows you to perform the maximum online steps while contacting a dedicated advisor as needed.

Therefore, you can subscribe in 3 minutes, thanks to a mobile application developed entirely in-house, or the Assurly website. The simple and practical “full sofa” concept has definitely helped wipe out the use of this sector. Assurly manages everything directly with the lender, which simplifies management procedures and reduces the burden on the customer by one.

And to conclude, as the only interlocutor, Assurly guarantees a continuous and quality customer relationship. Customer service is present at all times of the process of supporting the borrower, from the subscription stage to billing management.

Innovative insurance

Assurly always wants to take advantage of cutting-edge technology and uses artificial intelligence to create bespoke contracts. The company relies specifically on predictive claims engines to collect information about policyholders completely anonymously. This allows him to develop models with different profiles, thus avoiding the unpleasant passage of health questionnaires in most cases. More relevant technology since the adoption of the Lemoine method. The latter is because the total loan amount is less than € 200,000 and it stipulates the abolition of the questionnaire for borrowers who will be repaid before the insured’s 60th birthday.

Fully customer-oriented, Assurly develops tools in the “Research & Development” department based on user behavior data to promote user health management. The project currently on Assurly’s pipe is to provide cashback to customers who perform a certain number of steps per day. Taking care of yourself is rewarded in every sense of the word!

Significant development prospects

Assurly has already persuaded thousands of policyholders, ambassadors and shareholders, some wanting to regain purchasing power and others wanting to take part in the borrower’s market revolution. Starting with the former Senator behind the quoted amendment, Martial Bourquin, who supported the project from the beginning and is also the chairman of Assurly’s Institutional Review Board.

Supporting both businesses and individuals, this company has multiple purposes in the coming months. In particular, it needs to cross the French border soon and will be rolled out throughout Europe within five years.

In addition, its ambition is to submit an application for approval to ACPR and become an insurance company, thereby extending the technical breakthrough throughout the value chain.

In that outlook, Assurly also shows a desire to cover all types of credit. Even though the most important and most economically influential thing is mortgage credit, Assurly intends to address consumer credit and even student credit. The purpose is to shake the sector by allowing students to insure their loans for € 2 per month (average market value is € 40).

In less than three years, Assurly has made a crazy bet to save money on behalf of its customers while offering the same or better guarantees as bank insurance companies. The company offers more services to policyholders than ever before and is constantly innovating to shake norms. Enough to seduce millions of borrowers in France and soon abroad.