APHEC Conference: Mixed Assessment of Economic and Commercial Preparation Reforms


“Can it arrive in just one year of operation?” This is a question raised by APHEC President Alain Joyeux at the beginning of a roundtable dedicated to the reforms that the preparatory class received following the Baccalaureate reforms. is. At the beginning of the 2021 academic year, CPGE lost 1,000 students. “Shock”, recognized Alan Jowai. However, the president said the decline in registrations was not new. According to him, the preparatory class has suffered from a lack of charm for about 10 years.

The last two years, characterized by not only reforms but also the health crisis, seem to have led to a decline in student levels... According to a survey conducted by APHEC, 41.6% of teachers consider this level to be “insufficient.” “Their school education was very confusing,” Alan Jowai justifies. To make up for some students’ delays, “Some students were more difficult to adapt to the rhythm and provide the expected effort, so glue was previously used to support the students in terms of methodology. Used more than. “

A. Joyeux (APHEC): “Even if the amount per hour is low, it is advisable for math to return to a common core.”

However, economic and commercial preparation classes have also tried to adapt to the Blanker reform. The two courses, ECE (Economics Option) and ECS (Science Option), have been integrated into the ECG (General Route)., And offers four possibilities. Advanced mathematics. Applied Mathematics; Modern World History, Geography, Geopolitics (HGG); or Economics, Sociology and Modern World History (ESH).

According to a survey, 41.6% of teachers consider the level of prep school to be “insufficient.”

The recruitment has also been reviewed. Participation in CPGEEC required math options or terminal expertise. “But are high school students well informed about it?” Asks Veronique Bonnett. Also the vice president of APHEC Choosing a doublet of strategic options, encouraging some students to choose a discipline that is considered “less difficult” than mathematics in order to get a good ranking in Parcoursup.. In this context, according to Alain Joyeux, communication with high school students from the second is essential.


Being shunned by students, Prepper blames singles

The reforms have led to the development of the convention, Ecricome President St├ęphane Civelli recalls at the roundtable: Two stages by APHEC. The math subjects published online generate very few comments, and the other tests have not undergone any fundamental changes.“, I have designated the general representative of Ecricome.

We need to avoid weakening the sector by initiating reforms as soon as possible. (happy)

On the ECB side, changes to the modern language test ELVI do not seem to be well accepted.The teachers do not understand why this competition for the program was revised.‘, Emphasize Christine Pires. Therefore, APHEC Vice-President said, “We point out the importance of supporting the Games in national education programs and not the other way around.” “We blindly prepare our students because we lack a very practical element,” the teacher regrets.

However, ECB President Christian Chenel recalled the steps to revise this test. Establishing a working group for over a year, posting zero courses online, details on the ECB website, and more. In the CPGE program, he guaranteed, It is the school that determines the evolution of the tournament. But beyond the acquisition of knowledge, they want to emphasize language acquisition, personal expression, and integrate social issues such as ethics and sustainable development.

What is noteworthy is that the field of mathematics reveals the weaknesses of back reform.

Despite these questions, nearly 90% of APHEC survey respondents are worried about the future of the EC sector, but the association does not call for “reform reform.” “”Reforms must be started urgently so as not to undermine the sector. “, Defend Alain Joyeux. As enrollment continues to decline, he admits that “it will be difficult to keep up with the status quo,” but he fears class closures.

Anyway, the president of APHEC doesn’t believe in “tampering”. Emmanuel Macron’s presentation on the reintroduction of mathematics in the common core of high school students does not change the appeal of CPGE or the level of students, He keeps. “If there is reform, it must inevitably be done on a sector scale, along with large schools.”