Anse Aublanc, who has achieved complete economic development

Ten years after the city and Grand Port Maritime De Marseille (GPMM) acquired the former Azul Timmyland along the Straits of Caronte, PCF Mayor Port-de-Bouc Laurent Belsola salutes. “Historical signature” This will allow the municipality to continue to create jobs following the planned maritime and river activity boom in Anse Aublanc’s industrial area.

This Tuesday morning at the City Hall of Paul de Book, two maritime companies already established in the area called “Paul Mer” or “Filliere Brew Energy”, namely Chantier Navy Provence. An extension of the operational boundaries has been recorded. Sermap has been specializing in the collection and recycling of marine waste around the Mediterranean Sea for 30 years.

Specifically, through these agreements jointly signed yesterday with the city of Port-de-Bouc, the two aforementioned companies, and GPMM, which owns the sea side of the region, the city is Chantier Navy DeProvence. Allows you to expand that activity to new ones. Approximately 3,500 m² of land where Sermap can utilize the additional 9,8000 m² to develop commercial boat charters, the collection, transportation and recycling of hazardous and non-hazardous waste from vessels.

Nicolas Ganaye, director of Sermap, testifies about permanent traffic jams on the ground, boats waiting to be refueled or cared for in front of and on the quay. “” Insufficient storage space »» In a certain area “” Where there is no empty cm² left »»..In these new lands, entrepreneurs say he’s more calm “” Think about the future »» Of his society. Created in Martigues in 1991, Sermap was founded in Port-de-Bouc from 2015. “” 15 to 80 employees out of 15 Year »».. The shipyard that opened next door in 2017 “” Formidable challenge »» For Sermap directors advocating direct or indirect employment opportunities that the two sectors may create: “” Electrician, carpenter, driver, machine operator .. »»

New work on the horizon

On the Grandport side, this signature “” It’s an important moment, but it’s just the beginning »» We promise Lionel Rivière, Director of Legacy Enhancement and Innovation at GPMM, which talks about the enterprise. “” Small, medium and large are already established »» Located in the area between Lèque and Caronte. So about the giant Volvo, which manufactures marine engines, Rezisun, an expert in solar energy for sea roofs and beacons, or Eaysymer, who is developing the center of skill in the field related to the sea. Let me mention. Driver, electrician …

Mayor Laurent Belsola also sees the prospect of employment at the city’s professional high school and its Henri-Roll-Tanguy CFA Center. From there, two apprentices from the voyage CAP who are currently working in the field have already arrived. Anse Aubran shipyard.

Also this Tuesday, Sermap assured respectful development of these future construction sites for the environment. At the end of 2021, a project by Prymas to set up a center to dismantle boats along waterways was opposed by Port-de-Bouc’s city hall due to potential obstruction, pollutants, or noise. You need to remember that it caused. , Followed by a team of adjacent sites Provence Studios in this direction. Here Nicolas Ganaye confirms it. “” The purpose is not to increase the amount stored in the dock »»Also, don’t bet on the number of heavy duty vehicles on the roads in this sector.

“We want this area to be the lungs
In our city “