Anne Hidalgo, “Work Reassessment” and Ecology-Focused Economic Program

Among the major economic measures included in the Socialist Candidate program are a 15% increase in the minimum wage, the establishment of a climate ISF, and the establishment of a “housing shield”.

A 70-bar program. Presidential candidate Anne Hidalgo announced her project in France last month. Salary, employment, taxation … An overview of the main economic proposals of those who defend the Socialist Party’s color in the April 10 vote.


When she arrives at Elysee, Anne Hidalgo wants to “start by reassessing her work.” To do this, she promises to raise her minimum wage by 15%, or about € 200 per month, and then convene a “Wage Conference with Employers’ Organizations and Trade Unions”.

The current Mayor of Paris also wants to reduce wage inequality by limiting the gap between companies between minimum and maximum wages from 1 to 20. Salaries exceeding this limit will not be deductible from corporate tax.

Still for the benefit of equality, Anne Hidalgo promises to publish a list of companies that will continue to discriminate against wages between men and women and allow them to be penalized. The proposal seems to be close to what is already done today in the annual Gender Equality Index, with up to 50 or more employees scoring an average of less than 75 points out of 100. You can get financial sanctions. 1% of salary.

Work / employment

On the employment side, Anne Hidalgo has decided to abolish the highly controversial unemployment insurance reforms that have tightened access to unemployment benefits and negotiate a new system that “fits the needs of our time.” I will leave it to my social partner. In particular, we need to improve “resignation fees for self-employed and unstable employees”.

Young people over the age of 18 can also benefit from the “youngest minimum” with “guaranteed support for employment, qualifications and autonomy” provided by means. All 18 year olds will also be paid € 5,000 to fund their professional and personal projects.

Anne Hidalgo also supports a measure shared by some left-wing candidates: shorter working hours. The Socialist Party candidate says, “I want to encourage companies that want to move towards shorter working hours,” without imposing it. Time-saving accounts will also “become universal and more fortunate.” Finally, for young parents, Anne Hidalgo wants to be inspired by what’s happening in Spain by increasing her parental leave to 16 weeks (now 4 weeks). increase. Six weeks of that is mandatory.


Anne Hidalgo disagrees with the government’s explosive pension problem by explaining that the current system is “not threatened in the short or long term.” However, unlike the top candidate on the left, Jean-Luc Melenchon, the Mayor of Paris does not want to lower the statutory retirement age and simply sets an “upper limit” at the current age of 62. In addition, the minimum old age and minimum contribution will be raised to a net € 1,000 and € 1,200, respectively.


Anne Hidalgo’s program focuses specifically on ecosystem migration. Of course the transition has to be funded. This proposes the creation of a solidarity tax on climate and biodiversity wealth aimed at “bringing the luckiest to contribute” to socialist candidates who are regularly selected for higher than average CO2 emissions. That’s why.

However, Anne Hidalgo does not give a detailed overview of this new tax. It also does not specify a way to “strengthen the fight against tax evasion,” according to its calculations, but nevertheless requires an additional € 6 billion to the state each year.

Inheritance right

Another hot topic in the presidential election is the inheritance feature of Anne Hidalgo’s program. We would like to reduce the inheritance tax of 95% of French citizens to facilitate transmission. On the contrary, we plan to raise the inheritance tax on very high real estate, that is, “more than 2 million euros”. Measures that should bring additional income of 8 billion.

The proposal, in a report submitted last December, recommended a reform of inheritance rights that would benefit 99% of heirs but not the wealthiest 1%. It is along with. Independent agencies belonging to Matignon expected, thanks to this review of new resources of € 9-19 billion.

Planned funding for Anne Hidalgo’s program:

Expenditure (1 billion euros per year):

-Work: 3
-Ecology and re-industrialization: 15
-Education and Youth: 14
-New Social Security: 14
-Justice, Security, Democracy, Diplomacy: 4

Total: 50

Revenue (annual amount of billions of euros):

-ISF Climate and Biodiversity: 5
-Very high real estate taxation: 8
-Taxation on multinational corporations: 6
-Battle against tax evasion: 6
-Reduction of environmentally harmful costs: 10
-European Recovery Fund Redirection: 5
-Income related to overgrowth: 10

Total: 50

> Company / Competitiveness

France has recorded a record trade deficit after years of deindustrialization, but Anne Hidalgo wants to start with the most strategic ones and implement a “plan to transfer economic activity”. .. This “economic reconquest” will be linked to ecological ambitions through an urgent plan to pass the € 3 billion reindustrialization fund and reduce CO2 emissions in the industrial sector by 50% by 2035. “To turn French savings into industrial projects that create jobs and decarbonize the economy,” an industrial development booklet through ecology.

In Anne Hidalgo’s France, public assistance to businesses is also subject to compliance with social and environmental standards. Employees also need to be more involved in decision making. To do this, companies with more than 1,000 employees need 50% of salary directors on the board of directors and supervisors (33% for companies with less than 1,000 employees). Depending on the value-added share devoted to employees, a bonus / penalty system will eventually be introduced.

> Transportation

Ann Hidalgo collaborates with automakers and rental companies to build a “social leasing” system to develop “sustainable mobility,” turning individuals “cheaper than gasoline cars” into electric cars. I want to make it accessible. President Hidalgo will also step up assistance in acquiring electric vehicles by installing an additional 1 million electric terminals and creating interest-free loans for sustainable mobility.

Trains are also favored by lowering VAT rates, but air connections are punished by a “carbon footprint tax” if there is an “equivalent alternative railroad”.

> Housing

Residential energy refurbishment at the heart of the ecology transition will be subject to the “major multi-year plan” if Anne Hidalgo wins in April. Introduce a new system to renovate 760,000 private homes annually. Specifically, there are no costs incurred during construction, and “the amount of payment at the time of resale / succession varies depending on the income level.”

Anne Hidalgo wants to generalize rent supervision in all tense areas, as she did in Paris. This supervision depends on the energy performance of the accommodation. Socialist candidates also want to resume construction of 150,000 public housing units annually.

Among the key measures in her program, Anne Hidalgo also wants a “housing shield” so that no household is “forced to spend more than one-third of its income on housing.” .. This device takes the form of “a supplementary housing allowance that is the subject of means for those who exceed this threshold despite rent and construction efforts.” According to a study by France Stratégie, housing today (rents, fees, etc.) accounts for 40% of the cost of private sector tenants and 36% of the cost of social sector tenants.

> Energy

If Emmanuel Macron announces plans to build six new EPR reactors, Anne Hidalgo, on the contrary, wants to stop the development of the nuclear sector. Believing that atoms should only be used as transition energy, socialist candidates promise not to build EPR or even small SMR reactors.

For consumers facing rising energy prices, the Mayor of Paris is proposing to lower the VAT on natural gas and electricity prices. Reductions that also apply to fuel if the price of the pump soars.

> Agriculture

100,000. This is the number of farms France has lost in 10 years. To stop this trend, Anne Hidalgo wants to adopt a “10-year plan on agricultural land regulation, sharing and protection laws, and generational renewal” to help young farmers settle down. ..

Socialist candidates also bet on agroecology to improve food production and ensure better rewards for producers.

It is agriculture that wants to start a “quick” withdrawal from the use of “synthetic fertilizers and pesticides” containing glyphosate and neonicotinoids, which Anne Hidalgo has promised to ban within the first 100 days of her five-year term. Thanks to ecology.