All-risk insurance: definition, coverage, price

Me’Back-to-back insurance Is a car insurance formula that offers the widest coverage. As the name implies, thCovers all risks that can occur in a carTo both drivers, vehicle passengers, and other road users. Property damage will also be compensated.This insurance formula is mainly New or recent car.. But what does this deal really cover and at what price?

What is comprehensive automobile insurance?

If third-party car insurance is the mandatory legal minimum for driving a car, this insurance scheme will soon appear to be limited.

To protect yourselfComprehensive car insurance.. This type of offer is applicable regardless of the person responsible for the claim (driver, unidentified third party, etc.) or the type of accident, thus enhancing the protection of the insured.She Covers both the driver and the vehicle.. An all-risk car contract provides better protection in the event of an accident. Extended warranty in addition to civil liability.

Therefore, all risk offers can cover different types of claims, such as broken glass, accidents, fires, and car damage in the event of a natural disaster. Provide car assistance If necessary, we will help you in the event of a legal dispute … but with such protection, you should expect to have to pay Higher price..

What does comprehensive insurance cover?

In addition to Mandatory and Compulsory Civil Liability Guarantee, All risk insurance will cover you for most claims, depending on the guarantees taken. Nevertheless, the coverage may vary depending on the insurance company you choose and the nature of your contract. Therefore, you should always check your contract carefully.

In general, all risk insurance makes a distinction between the two types of insurance. guarantee :

  • Scope of property damage: The majority of all-risk contracts include basic damage guarantees. This allows the insured to receive compensation for damage to the vehicle in the event of an accident. Remember that if the loss is caused by a third party, it is the third party insurance company that will bear the cost of the repair.
  • Driver’s Warranty: This guarantee covers costs for the insured himself. Therefore, you can provide reimbursement for personal injury, possible medical costs, hospitalization, surgery, and even stop driving and even cover funeral costs in the event of a driver’s death.

When do you get all-risk insurance?

You understand that: All-risk car insurance offers you the best protection.But it costs you a certain price, because This formula is the most expensive..The choice is mainly conditioned by you Vehicle: Its condition, age, FinallyHis value..

If old, Repair cost It could be better than its complete replacement. In fact, insurers take this into account and make a significant contribution. This is the case, for example, when buying a low-priced used car. In this case, you do not have to choose full risk insurance. If you’re a young driver and have bought a used car, you should buy cheaper car insurance.

On the other hand, if you just bought a new car whose value is not negligible, all risk insurance seems to be very important.It may also be relevant If you have a collector’s vehicleOr a high-value vehicle that you care about.

What is the optional guarantee for all-risk contracts?

Comprehensive insurance can include a large number of insurances Optional warranty :

  • Damage Guarantee: Available in collision damage covers and all accident damage covers. Whatever the accident (parking collision, car accident, vandalism, etc.), we will intervene when your car is damaged, whether you are responsible for the claim or not.
  • Flight : In case of intrusion, we will compensate for the theft or attempted theft. Therefore, if you forget the key at the ignition, it will not work.
  • Tue: Compensates for damage caused by fire or explosion.
  • Broken glass: Depending on the contract, you will usually be compensated for any damage to the window (windshield, side window, rear window, mirror, headlights).
  • Arashi: Compensate for any damage caused to your car by the storm.
  • Natural disasters: Compensation for damage to vehicles caused by natural disasters (Ministry ordinance published in the official journal).
  • Technical disaster: Compensation for vehicle damage caused by a declared technical disaster (inter-ministerial law published in the official journal).
  • Driver’s Warranty: It covers the costs associated with physical injury and medical costs (hospitalization, surgery, post-holiday compensation, and funeral costs in the event of a driver’s death).
  • support: This guarantee allows you to benefit from assistance in the event of a complaint. In general, it includes several services such as online or telephone advisor help to help you resolve road breakdowns. You can also include troubleshooting solutions in the event of a disaster. In addition, there is 0 km of assistance. Repairers will come and move your vehicle, whether at the bottom of the house or wherever you are.
  • Guarantee of “Vehicle Contents”: Refunds will be given if personal belongings in the car are lost or damaged

How Much Does It Cost to Insure Your Car for All Risks?

Of all car insurance formulas Comprehensive is the most expensive. All risk insurance costs are indexed based on several criteria.

  • The number and level of guarantees.
  • Vehicles (brand, model, value, power, age, color, etc.);
  • Insured profile (driver history, bonus Mars level, young driver, experienced or senior, gender, place of residence, etc.).
  • Where vehicles are parked (closed garages, private parking, covered parking, on the street, etc.).
  • The amount that can be deducted, the amount that you have to pay yourself if you are billed.

Therefore, according to these criteria Premium amount It will change. For example, if you want to insure an expensive car like DS7, you already have some accidents, there are penalties, and if you park your car on the street, you risk paying a lot of money.Moreover, according to our dataWhen Car insurance comparator The average price of comprehensive insurance was 643 euros a year*.

Auto Insurance Official-Price

* Methodology: This survey is based on 413,000 car premiums created in 2020 for drivers over the age of 18 comparing insurance on

Average price of comprehensive insurance

Insurance company Annual fee Application fee
Mixed martial arts 222 € 15 €
Direct insurance 263 € It contains
Active insurance 278 € 25 €
MAAF 284 € 22 € (membership fee at the time of subscription of the first contract)
Eurofill 284 € free
Aviva 292 € free
Olive tree insurance 295 € It contains
FMG 323 € free
Euro insurance 397 € free
AMV 411 € free
SOS penalty 709 € free

* Methodology: These numbers were detected by performing pricing on using the following profile: 40 year old male, single, 50 bonuses for 3 years, no charges in the last 3 years Also, employees, private use of 10,000km / year vehicles living in Nantes and driving 2017 Fiat 500 1.2L69 lounge 4cv.

All-risk insurance: Under what circumstances is it not covered?

The all-risk policy covers most bills. Even when you are responsible.. However, If not compensated :

  • If you are drunk driving.
  • If you are driving under the influence of narcotics;
  • If you hit and run.

In addition, the use of your car Under the influence of alcohol or narcotics It can have serious consequences.First, you risk You can lose points on your license or even revoke your license. In addition to being fined. Also, if you have a victim, you will need to cover the victim’s compensation from your pocket.Then you will be punished penalty, Premium goes up. Finally, there is even the risk of being unregistered by the insurance company.Then you Registered in AGIRA register Finding a contract can be very difficult.Indeed, getting car insurance is complicated Finished driverThis is because insurance companies consider these profiles to be at risk.

Comprehensive insurance FAQ

  • Is it fully insured?

    In France You are required to take out civil liability insurance To be able to drive his car. On the other hand, it is not mandatory to get more warranty.

  • Comprehensive insurance is the recommended choice if you want to have Better coverage Possible for you and your car. Especially suitable for expensive vehicles.

  • It is generally considered appropriate to have full risk insurance for a vehicle for up to 5 or 7 years. After this age, often Subscribe to the intermediate formula or “Third Party Insurance Plus”.

  • on the other hand Third party insurance only covers physical and physical damage Caused by a third party during a responsible claim, All-risk insurance offers more guarantees that are better coveredt.