Alexander de Crew talks about the war in Ukraine

The Belgian Prime Minister was invited to RTLINFO this Sunday at 7 pm. Alexander de Crew was asked about the war in Ukraine, economic sanctions against Russia, the danger of a big fire, and the change in Belgium’s attitude that ultimately decided to deliver weapons to Ukraine.

Salima Belabbas: Does what we are experiencing herald a cataclysm in the balance of the world?

Alexander Decrew: It is clear that what is happening now will have a lasting impact on relationships around the world. What we are showing on our side is that the European Union and NATO are very united and supportive. Knowing that we are 27 countries together in a very chaotic world, I think it’s good for a fairly small country like Belgium. The fact that we are all gathered together, showing to the rest of the world that our power is not necessarily violence, but economic power. We are the largest economic power in the world. If you want to take measures, take financial measures. The impact of these economic measures in Russia is serious and will have a devastating impact on the Russian economy.

Salima Bellabas: But can the West compete with Russians at the military level?

Alexander Decrew: Watch at that time, if necessary. But I hope it isn’t necessary. The method we use is not to respond to violence with more violence, but to respond with our strengths. And our assets are economic assets. For example, we made a decision about an international payment system. It completely isolates Russia’s financial world. We do it by means of transportation and economics. It completely isolates the Russian economy with the aim of influencing this class of Russian oligarchs.

Salima Belabbas: Do you think that’s enough?

Alexander Decrew: Tomorrow, these measures are very advanced and I think they will have a devastating impact on the Russian economy. I hope the Russian people will not last long, and at some point everyone will be a little calm and the madness of this violence in Ukraine will be stopped. However, financial measures can be taken if necessary.

Salima Bellabas: Are we on the verge of a nuclear war?

Alexander Decrew: We were at war in Ukraine and no one wanted this war. We have seen hundreds of thousands of people around the world blaming this war. A war that was completely useless and never caused by the Ukrainians. I think you have to keep your cool. I’ve heard threats from the Russian side, but you still have to …

Salima Belabbas: Should these threats be taken seriously?

Alexander Decrew: He is still putting things in the right order. NATO poses no threat to Russia. The only thing NATO says is that we protect ourselves, and Ukrainians have the right to protect themselves. There is no threat to Russia, but we must not turn things the other way around. The Russians threatened the whole world, the Ukrainians, and NATO several times … well, all we are saying is that we intend to protect ourselves. But I call on everyone to keep their cool.

Salima Bellabas: Belgium is NATO’s target, but is it Europe?

Alexander Decrew: This is not always the case, but there are no direct signs associated with it. But of course, if I wanted everyone to take responsibility, I did. Therefore, 300 soldiers will be dispatched to Romania to protect the border between Ukraine and Romania. We are responsible.

Salima Belabbas: Belgium will send 3,000 additional automatic rifles and 200 anti-tank weapons. A few days ago we were talking about protective equipment, what caused this change in position?

Alexander Decrew: We are now witnessing a full-scale war on all territories of Ukraine. Every country has the right to protect its own country. It is one of the foundations of international law and UN treaties. Seeing the country in this situation and helping them defend themselves, I think that’s the bare minimum we can do.