Advise Group Announces Parachut Brand


Advise is an affinity services aggregator and insurance brokerage company founded in 2005. First available as a white label, Advise decided to launch its own brand through Parachut in 2017. The latter currently offers three unique affinity insurance products. From this perspective, they simplify the customer experience, provide transparency and offer the best guarantees on the market, among others.

Parachut’s main challenge is to simplify policyholder procedures in order to increase policyholder satisfaction. The idea is to create a true “parachute reflex” in the consumer’s mind. Consumers no longer have to accumulate insurance policies specific to each device in order to find and reread the policies in the event of a claim.

Parachut protects all of your household’s favorite property and equipment with a single insurance policy. Up to 3,000 daily items and equipment can be insured. Customers can protect their assets with coverage limits ranging from € 600 to € 15,000: high-tech & multimedia, furniture, urban mobility, home appliances and sporting goods.

Parachute insurance is completely flexible according to your needs. Consumers can adjust their list of protected products in real time using a personalized interface accessible online from the Parachut website. With its own center dedicated to customer experience and repair, Parachut’s team of experts assists customers in dealing with everyday disasters of all sizes (breakdowns, breakdowns, unforeseen circumstances, etc.).

Parachut offers three products.


  • Goodz protects household goods from € 9.99 to € 1,000 per month and € 19.99 per month with a maximum coverage of € 5,000.
  • Mobiliti, protection of motorcycles in the home and new personal electric vehicles (NVEI), guarantee limit of € 9.99 to € 600 per month, € 19.99 per month up to € 5,000.
  • Protekt, premium protection to protect your daily life up to € 15,000 for € 39.99 per month.

Strong desire for short-term and medium-term development

The network currently has approximately 100 partners in mainland France and overseas departments and regions, including Xiaomi, Darty franchise retailers, and Espace Culturel E. Leclerc.
These distributor partners are looking for unique solutions to develop customer relationships, provide differentiated experiences and build loyalty. We also want to generate additional revenue without introducing a restricted management system. For these two reasons, parachutes arouse their tastes and meet their needs.

according to Yann Abitbol, ​​Director of Sales & Partnerships, Parachut, “Within three years, our goal is to establish our position as one of the market leaders. BtoB through a partnership between BtoB with a major brand POS network and a prestigious e-commerce platform. At the same time, we will continue to create new products and services in line with our positioning. (R) Securing daily life And customer expectations. »»

Parachutes of some important figures:

  • + 180,000 customers won since 2019
  • Over 40 million euros for donations collected since 2020
  • Two Customer Contact Centers: Trouville-sur-Mer and Tunis
  • One center dedicated to customer experience in Aix-en-Provence