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What is Home Insurance?
Multi-risk home insurance is a contract aimed at protecting the resident of a residence, whether it is a resident or an owner.

It is essential to protect against the serious consequences of certain risks such as fire and flood damage. In the event of a complaint, insurance will provide compensation up to the amount of damages to cover the cost of repair or refurbishment.

Home insurance always includes a civil liability guarantee that covers the insured in the event of damage to a third party. Therefore, all costs are borne by the insurance company, eliminating the need for responsible users to pay large amounts of money.

Residents need to be aware that home insurance is mandatory. An insurance card is required at the time of the lease contract. It should be updated annually and sent to the landlord or his agent (such as a real estate agent).


How to choose the prescription that suits your needs?
Like many insurance policies, multi-risk home insurance includes mandatory and optional guarantees. Therefore, you may choose a basic contract or add options aimed at increasing protection.

The minimum guarantee is as follows:
-Civil Liability (RC) Guarantee;
-Fire / explosion and flood warranty.
-Cover of natural disasters;
-Storm Guarantee;
-Theft / vandalism cover;

You can extend your contract by taking advantage of personalized injury compensation and personalized assistance that is activated in the event of a claim or dispute, such as legal assistance.

Note: The upper limit of compensation depends on the formula taken out. For example, if you choose to cover your assets with real value, the amount of your donation will increase.

On the other hand, if the item is damaged or stolen, you can receive the amount according to the purchase price of the item. The value in use factor does not apply and will be refunded in full.

To find a contract that really suits your situation, you must sort out the essential and unnecessary guarantees. Also, make sure you already have insurance. Some claims may have already been covered.

Compare before committing!
Insurers are not subject to standard rate standards, so rates that correspond to internal policies can be applied. A new 100% online player is on the market. It is usually offered at a lower price because you do not have to bear the cost of managing the physical facility.

In any case, it is in your best interests to compare some quotes before committing. Insurance contracts are implicitly renewed each year. It’s a good idea to take the time to think before signing.

If you don’t have time to ask the insurance company for some quotes to find out the level of guarantee and the amount of premium, you can use a comparator.

With this tool, you can quickly see the differences between insurers and choose the best option. In addition, the insurance comparator is free and can be used unlimitedly without obligation!