60 new hires announced in 2022

The Prelys Courtage brand, a network of real estate brokers specializing in negotiating the best borrowing terms (fee, guarantee, insurance), has decided to summarize the 2021 key figures from the Prelys Courtage 2.0 Sales School.


Mortgage, loan insurance, credit consolidation, best rate

A real estate broker specializing in negotiating the best borrowing terms (interest rates, guarantees, insurance)

435 hours of training and coaching provided in 2021

Employees, whether franchisees or mortgage brokers, will benefit from over 12 months of continuous training and support through collective and individual coaching and performance workshops by network managers. .. Priority themes will be dealt with over a two-hour period. .. Everyone is free to register throughout the year to improve their skills and learn new regulatory and technology concepts specific to their profession and market. In 2021, 435 hours were spent on employees Focusing on themes such as sales methods, concept presentation, learning of digital tools, and role-playing games.

46 employees hired in 2021: Are you next?

Prelys Courtage does not have a typical profile, but all candidates have a common desire. Challenging preferences, the quest for better rewards, the desire for autonomy, the desire to organize at your own pace … Successful experiences in the commercial arena or even signs welcome highly diverse profiles, especially complete retraining. Network management is a real “plus”, even if it is pushed by the desire to embark on those who are receiving it.

Recruitment capacity in 2022: 60 new employees

The brand is actively looking for future franchisees, network managers and mortgage brokers and has announced the launch of the 2022 3rd grade priority recruitment areas, New Aquitaine, Ile de France and Hauts-de-France. Two models allow you to participate in signing in the form of a franchise or as a real estate loan agent / broker, potentially evolving into a network manager position (to manage your own team).

Prelys Courtage assists candidates in all aspects and formats of business creation (status, procedures, ORIAS registration, training, etc.). A real breath of fresh air for those unfamiliar with the subject. In addition, at each stage of launch, there are contacts for expert units, middle offices, etc. to help reduce employee stress.

Benefits of Prelys Brokerage Network:

  • Almost 10 years of experience in a vibrant market, mortgage brokerage experience (almost 40% market share)
  • National banking practices and methods validated by banks
  • Powerful and unique tools (eConnect, eDoc, ePass, and partner applications) to easily stand out from your competitors
  • A sales school that provides training and coaching throughout the year
  • Daily support from network manager
  • Back office that handles all parts of claims and borrower insurance and allows you to focus on the field.
  • Brands with a positive social climate and high praise from customers: 4.88 / 5 on Google, 4.9 / 5 on Immodvisor
  • A CSR company that takes a positive attitude and respects the environment through its collective corporate project, Prelys S’engage.

Prelys Courtage currently has more than 25 agencies, with sales up + 58% at the end of 2021 and more than 80 employees. A positive indicator that once again shows its solidity and attractiveness.

How do I join the Prelys Brokerage network?

Want to know more about the achievements of the Prelys Courtage brand and the requirements to start working with it?Visit your personalized network sheet to find out how It will be a PrelysCourtage franchise.

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