2022 President: Plan, Emmanuel Macron’s Economic Strategy

Candidate Emmanuel Macron announced his program on Thursday, it was long and crowded, what can we learn from this intervention? Candidate’s intentional and asserted nationalism, This is in contrast to the 2017 camouflage economic philosophy. Emerging market promoters flew away in favor of public power incense burners. In the world predicted by the presidential candidate on Thursday, The state takes care of everything From vocational training to overseeing compensation for company directors, from setting electricity prices to financing walk-in bathtubs for the elderly, leasing electric vehicles to developing future medicines.

It is an omnivorous state. Even incredible words were spoken in his mouth: plan.. A plan is a state plan, guideline, Plans to transform the economy Of the country for several years. France was thus rebuilt after the war when the country planned transportation, energy and telecommunications networks, and more broadly land use plans, for example when creating new towns.

Senior civil servants made plans and the company carried out under their control. This policy was abandoned in the 1990s when the state withdrew from economic regulation. Then to the company.. It was during this period that globalization accelerated, as did the construction of large European markets. Since then, markets and competition have replaced public power.

Macron invades the left end

Macron talked about this plan in terms of energy production and the required energy conversion, he says. “Organization by sector and region”, Successful operation requires holistic planning, which means impacting technology, home and business use, and training in new professions. By the way, it should be noted that ecological planning is at the heart of Jean-Luc Melenchon’s economic program.

Macron will now poach on the land on the far left. This idea is in harmony with the spirit of the times.. During the two crises of the epidemic and the Russian War, we touched on the limits of the market system. Obstacles caused by shortages, supply disruptions, and fluctuations in oil and raw material prices.

The demand for sovereignty is now a major political urge in our country, and to meet it, State only.. The ecological transition is similar to the main equipment plan for the reconstruction of France after the war.

Effective strategy?

This plan has a great precedent. As we said, France from the 50’s to the 70’s. However, there are also economic takeoffs in Japan, China and Taiwan. All of these come from powerful nations and make significant investments in industry. On the contrary, there is also the biggest failure in the history of the world economy. Bankruptcy of the Soviet Union of RussiaIn the 20th century.

Do you remember Jack Lesbian’s formula: “France is a successful Soviet Union... It was the same after the war. One question remains: after years of public sphere poverty and bureaucracy, do we still have the best French minds to lead these changes in senior civil servants? Ambitious for the country and as practical as their elders? There is nothing for sure.

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