17 solutions to help freelancers manage their business



People at risk

People at risk Is 100% online, bespoke and easy to use new insurance. This allows businesses and self-employed people to take out professional insurance by creating contracts that can be customized according to each client’s situation and warranty needs. Goal ? Streamline the distribution of complex products such as insurance policies by automating various processes in the insurance chain thanks to algorithms. The service is linked to the SaaS platform “Cockpit”, which allows users to aggregate contracts to optimize their contracts.


easyblue Offers freelancers, independents and start-ups the opportunity to meet Henry, an online virtual insurance coach dedicated to entrepreneurs. In minutes, this artificial intelligence can send customers risk diagnostics and personalized insurance programs. Policyholders can manage all steps directly on their smartphones.

Heyme Freelancer

Originally aimed at students and young professionals, Heyme’s mutual insurance has been extended to freelancers and self-employed people. Heyme Freelancer Built in collaboration with self-employed people, they better understand their needs and provide adequate health and welfare solutions to protect them from life-threatening risks. 100% digitized thanks to an online interface, this platform allows self-employed people to quickly subscribe to dematerialized offers, simplifying the refund process and management procedures. The basic package costs € 16 per month and can be enhanced with additional offers (dentistry, optics, etc.) as needed.


cover Is a professional insurance broker, providing all the insurance needed for a customer’s activities, including professional liability insurance, mutual health insurance, funded insurance and professional multi-risk insurance. This offer is also completely online. Startups claim to create transparent services, “Our experts do not receive commissions, so we can give objective advice to our clients.” , Explains Pierre Fruchard, co-founder of the startup. Coover is also working with the community by providing online media that provides free access to content and tools that help freelancers.


Mutsumuts Is an online provider insurance for self-employed people only. The latter provides customers with income protection in the event of glitches by complementing the scope of the mandatory scheme. This insurance is tax deductible. Start-ups are also developing reward programs that motivate policyholders to develop good habits by transferring up to 30% of their premiums to their bank accounts.




It is the best known matching platform between French freelancers and businesses. malt We have developed tools that connect companies and self-employed people, and provide the latter with a series of services that brighten daily life. The startup claims that 350,000 freelancers are already enrolled in the service and 50,000 user companies meet the needs of freelance quotas. June 2021, The company also raised 80 million euros To realize that European ambition.


Ouiboss It has established itself as a collaborative communication platform for self-employed people and SMEs (0 to 10 employees). The mission of this service is dedicated to all business sectors and is to enable entrepreneurs, freelancers, consultants, craftsmen and merchants to raise awareness on the Internet for free.You can introduce an expert “Within 2 hours” , Startup says. What is the idea behind Ouiboss? “Promote the local economy by promoting local entrepreneurs who are frequently excluded from the web.” Explain its co-founder.

Cherry pick

Unlike the generalist platform, Cherry pick Is a matching tool between companies and freelancers specializing in new technology sectors. This application allows enterprises to find experts in data, IT, digital transitions, and project / transition management to meet their needs through specific missions. Cherry Pick’s matching algorithm establishes an initial connection based on platform-independent hard and soft skills, as well as enterprise-stated needs. This is backed up by human support for the customer, if necessary.


Launched by Cooptalis Izyfreelance Is a platform that enables companies facing a shortage of professionals to find profiles in France and abroad and perform specific missions. In the new version, this service not only provides the ability to speed up and simplify the profile identification and validation process, but also provides quick connection and assignment follow-up. With Izyfreelance, freelancers can profile in minutes, sort the available missions by geography, sector of activity, teleworking potential, but also choose a working language.


Pentalog Group Company, Skill value We support companies adopting new technologies in competitive markets. The company is more than just a linking tool, it provides freelancer evaluation, brokerage and recruitment services. Developers can self-assess on the platform, get certified and brag to their customers. The company also provides e-learning content so that freelancers registered on the platform can access new knowledge and continue to improve their skills. Guarantee for companies that can be reassured by IT testing conducted by freelancers to know if they have the necessary qualities for the proposed mission.


Collective.work Is a SaaS solution that allows freelancers to create and manage aggregates and allow enterprises to send project calls.Startup works as “Markets that promote contact between the two” Explained to us its co-founder In an interview.. In less than a year, the concept has already attracted a group of 300 people, representing more than 1,000 freelancers and attracting about 100 clients such as Coface, Pimkie and Crédit Mutuel. Based on these early results, the startup raised € 7 million in seeds at the end of 2021 and strengthened its offerings to Europe.


Like previous startups Kamats Freelancers can get visibility, but that’s not all. Indeed, this young shoot provides a market that centralizes some services for self-employed people. This offer is based on two pillars. Providing tools and advice to facilitate the execution of necessary but time-consuming tasks (accounting management, customer follow-up, spending management, etc.) and enabling freelancers to find customers and assignments. is. Via a paid intermediary. This solution is, in fact, free for self-employed people. The company’s economic model is based on the companyLooking for a professional to carry out a mission that you have to pay to access the freelancer database.


Ministry of Finance

FinTech created in 2020 Ministry of Finance Is developing a payment platform between professionals, aiming to reduce payment terms for invoices under € 20,000 to 15 days. Primarily targeted at self-employed people and VSE-SMEs, startups can secure their projects financially as soon as the quote is validated. The client pays the amount of the service to the blocked tresory.fr account, and finally within 2 weeks of the service, the funds will be transferred to the provider by bank transfer.


If managing your finances is often a headache and professional banks are often unresponsive, self-employed people can try to find their happiness in the offers of startups born in recent years. The best known are still Qonto and Shine in the ecosystem, but there are other players such as: Paykrom, Offers entrepreneurs and business leaders the opportunity to open a professional account online from € 2 per month. Thanks to various features such as receipt facilitation and real-time management of activities, the startup has already convinced 7,000 customers.


KoalaME Is a Saas solution that simplifies accounting to focus on your core business. In the free version, the startup provides unlimited quotes and invoice generation, personalized dashboards, customer files, account books, contribution calculations to be paid, and pre-filled sales declarations. By accessing the “Pro” version for € 10 per month, self-employed people have access to quote and invoice customization, unpaid payment management, bank synchronization, VAT management and automatic filing, in addition to the previous features. I can do it. , A young shoot partner.


Released in March 2021 Spayce A newcomer in the startup landscape for self-employed people. Created by Cédric Sauvaget, a freelance photographer and filmmaker himself, the young company is a trusted third party that ensures that VSEs, small businesses and micro entrepreneurs are paid on time. Has been established.Specifically, Spayce A tool that combines file transfer and a secure online payment solution.. Freelancers can transfer their work to clients through this web application as soon as they end the service.

The latter can preview the document, but you have to pay the requested amount to get and access the document.It’s kind “Optimized transfer” , Explain its founder. Therefore, at this time, this version is aimed at creative professions such as graphic designers, photographers, videographers, editors, etc., but to adapt this solution to freelancers in other areas of activity, other Features are being deployed. The platform is free to register and use, but Spayce will be rewarded for a fee of 5% of the amount received by the service provider.

empty field

Born in February 2021. empty field A professional account that facilitates the daily life of freelancers “Real management assistant” , Describes startup. Backed by a team of 40 professionals and technical capabilities, Blank helps freelancers manage their business by opening accounts quickly. Complete and easy-to-use tools for editing quotes and invoices, automated Urssaf declarations, and 7 days of customer support. In addition to one week, there is also insurance that adapts to changes in the lives of self-employed people (equipment, sick leave, etc.).